Weather Kit

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If you want to stream hyper-local weather data from your very own weather station to a dashboard on the Internet, this kit is for you! The Weather Kit from Control Everything provides all the sensors you need to build your weather station, take comprehensive weather measurements, and stream the information through the Particle Cloud to your favorite database, dashboard, or data-visualization service.  

Measure temperature and humidity with the included SI7020 temperature and humidity sensor. Next, daisy chain the popular CPS120 digital barometer/altimeter to the I2C bus. The included MAG3110 3-Axis Digital Magnetometer provides a cost-effective and highly functional compass solution for your Particle Photon.  The included SI1132 provides UV and ambient light sensing (ALS) on the I2C bus. All of these modules connect to the I2C expander for the Particle Photon, making setup and additional expansion beyond the included modules a breeze.

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For use with the Photon. 


  • SI7020-A20 I²C Humidity and Temperature Sensor ±4%RH ±.4°C I²C Mini Module
  • CPS120 Digital Barometer Altimeter I²C Mini Module
  • MAG3110 3-Axis Digital Magnetometer Electronic Compass I²C Mini Module
  • SI1132 UV Index Ambient Light Sensor I²C Mini Module
  • I²C Shield for Particle Photon
  • Photon not included

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