Smart Switch Kit

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The Relay Starter Kit from Control Everything includes everything that you need to build relay control and switching projects using the the Particle Photon or Electron. The kit includes three modules--a 10-Amp relay controller for high voltage electronics, ambient light/proximity sensor, and temperature/humidity sensor.

The relay controller provides two 10-Amp SPDT relays, ideal for wireless remote control of high voltage electronics. Six on-board programmable GPIOs make it easy to add additional digital inputs and outputs for buttons, switches, LEDs, and more. The ambient light and proximity detector can be used to add distance and presence detection up to 100mm. The temperature and humidity sensor can be added to control relays and electronics based on environmental conditions. As a cherry on top, the kit includes a 12V DC power supply to power the whole kit and kaboodle.

The relay controller is driven by a Particle Photon or Particle Electron (not included).

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  • MCP23008_PEIO6R2G5LE Relay Controller
  • TMD2771_I2CS Ambient Light Sensing (ALS) 16-Bit Proximity Detection 100mm I²C Mini Module
  • HCPA-5V-U3_I2CS Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • 12VDC Power Supply (US Version)
  • Photon or Electron not included

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