Li-Po Battery

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Title: Li-Po Battery
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Note: Please note that this will be the final sale of our Li-Po Battery. Also, loose batteries cannot be shipped via air. If you are shipping to an address outside of the contiguous 48 states, you will not be able to purchase this item.

Li-Po batteries are the industry standard for rechargeable devices because they're safe, powerful, and efficient. This 3.7V battery features a convenient 2-pin JST-PH connector to make powering your Wi-Fi or cellular Particle device simple and convenient.

These batteries are convenient with the battery connector on the Electron and Power Shield (for use with the Photon).

This battery is compliant with all international safety and transportation standards. For additional testing and certification details, click here.


Model Number
Voltage 3.7V DC
Capacity 1800mAh
Power 7.4Wh


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