Argon Leak Detection Kit

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The Particle Leak Detection Kit is designed to teach you how to build a basic leak detection system with Particle hardware and software. You'll learn to configure three Particle devices, build custom circuits to sensors and alert, and finally write and deploy code so each device in your system works together.

The kit features an Argon and two Xenons and is a great way to explore mesh networking. You'll learn how to use an Argon as an alarm and each of the two Xenons as a water detector. Should one of them sense liquid, a local mesh command will trigger the alarm on the Argon. 

No soldering is required and all the components you need are included: that goes for adapters, wires, and even batteries for each device so you can untether your from the wall outlet.  its construction requires no soldering and full project documentation comes standard.

Skill level: The kit assumes no prior experience with IoT. It is best for those interested in learning more about mesh networking and building local networks with diverse device roles.

Kit contents:

  • Particle Argon
  • Particle Xenon (2)
    • 2.4Ghz antenna (4)
    • Micro-USB cable (3)
    • LiPo battery (3)
  • Grove FeatherWing Adapter (3)
  • Grove wires (3)
  • Water sensor (2)
  • Buzzer

You'll learn how-to:

  • Build and prototype with Particle hardware and software
  • Deploy software updates over-the-air
  • Read and report sensor data 
  • Display data locally and remotely
  • Use Particle publish and subscribe functions to share data with other devices and apps
  • Work with the Grove system of modular hardware

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