Key Fob Kit

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The Key Fob Kit from Control Everything makes long range remote control of your garage door, motors, and lights over the Internet a snap. The kit includes a Relay Controller, and a Key Fob Overlay Shield for Particle Photon or Electron, as well as a 5-Button Key Fob controller and antenna extension cable. When paired together, this kit gives you long range remote control of up to four high voltage devices with a key fob that fits in your pocket.

The 5-Button Key Fob Transmitter pairs with the Key Fob Overlay Shield with Antenna to provide long range remote control at distances up to 750 feet. The included Relay Controller for the Particle Photon or Electron includes four 10-Amp SPDT relays, ideal for controlling high voltage electronics and appliances. The Relay Controller provides four programmable GPIOs for additional buttons, switches, LEDs and more, as well as an I2C expansion port for a wide range of sensors, relay controllers, FET drivers, current monitors, and more, available from The kit also includes the 12V DC power supply that you’ll need to power your Internet-connected Relay Controller.

The relay controller is driven by a Particle Photon or Particle Electron (not included).

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  • MCP23008_PEIO4R4G5LE Relay Controller
  • PKFR Key Fob Overlay Shield with Antenna
  • 5-Button Key Fob Transmitter
  • 1 Meter Antenna Extension Cable
  • 12VDC Power Supply (US Version)
  • Photon or Electron not included

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