Wi-Fi Antennas

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These external antennas are the perfect way to extend the wireless range of your Particle-powered Wi-Fi project.

The ultra portable Flex Antenna is particularly useful when space is at a premium, but you want a little more range than a chip or trace antenna can provide. It requires no additional connector — it attaches directly to the u.FL connector already on your Core u.FL or Photon.

Cable length - 100mm; Input Connector - IPEX(u.FL)

The Duck Antenna is especially great for projects that need a metallic enclosure, which often block Wi-Fi transmission. The antenna includes an interface cable for RP-SMA to u.FL. The Duck Antenna can be used with the Photon as well as Cores with u.FL connectors.

Cable length - 109mm; Input Connector - RP-SMA

  • Specs for both antennas:
  • Gain - 2 DBI 
  • Frequency range 2400~2500MHz 
  • Input Impedance - 50 Ω

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