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Disclaimer: This hardware SKU will be discontinued due to lack of availability of critical components driven by the ongoing global silicon shortage crisis. Once we run out, we will not make additional. For more details, visit our product discontinuation notification.

It is recommended that buyers of this impacted SKU migrate to our Supply Secure Photon 2. This migration will require minimal hardware and firmware changes, as this new SKU is API compatible with both the Photon and Argon, as well as footprint compatible with the Argon.

For more details, review our Supply Secure blog post.

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The IoT Starter Kit is designed to teach you how to use Particle hardware and software to build IoT solutions. The kit includes everything you need to build your first IoT project as well as the tutorials and documentation to keep you learning.

The Starter Kit is built around the Particle Argon, our latest Wi-Fi development board. You'll learn how to connect the Argon to your home network and how you can use the included sensors to monitor the conditions around you.

The kit includes eight Grove modules each with their own sensory or informational ability — a button, rotary encoder, ultrasonic range finder, temperature and humidity sensor, light sensor, RGB LED, buzzer, and 4-Digit Display.

Best of all, you don't need a soldering iron or fancy equipment to build. Simply attach the included Grove adapter to the Particle Argon and use the provided wires to connect it to the modules you want. That's it. No soldering iron required.

Once your physical build is complete, you'll learn how Particle software tools like the Web IDE and Console simplify developing code for your project. You'll learn how to write code that monitors real-time sensor measurements, how to send firmware code to the Argon over-the-air, and even how to quickly add new features to your existing project simply by changing a few lines of code.

Skill level: The IoT Starter Kit is best for new IoT project builders, but the components and content are appropriate for all levels of experience.

Kit contents:

You'll learn how-to:

  • Build your first IoT project and many, many more. The kit includes enough sensors for a variety of different projects and all the wires you'll need.
  • Wire sensors and build circuits without the solder
  • Write and deploy code
  • Trigger actions based on sensors values — when the temperature drops below freezing, sound the buzzer.

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