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Name: 2G/3G (Global - E314) Evaluation Kit
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Disclaimer: This hardware SKU will be discontinued due to lack of availability of critical components driven by the ongoing global silicon shortage crisis. For more details, visit our product discontinuation notification.

It is recommended that buyers of this impacted SKU migrate to our new Supply Secure E404X SoM. This migration will require minimal hardware and firmware changes, as this new SKU is API and footprint compatible with existing E SoM designs.

For more details, review our Supply Secure blog post.

This product is powered by EtherSIM, Particle's new globally available, self-optimizing SIM with no data plans or device fees.

Buy this hardware and start building with Particle's Free Plan which includes support for up to 100 devices, cellular data, and fully-featured platform access with no time limit.

The E SoM Evaluation Kit is the best way to get started with the E SoM, Particle’s product family of industrialized cellular IoT modules. The Evaluation Kit includes an E SoM Evaluation Board with your choice of 2G/3G or LTE connectivity, a sample IoT sensor (temperature), and all the cellular accessories you need to build your first industrial-grade proof-of-concept on the Particle platform.

The E SoM 2G/3G (Global - E314) Evaluation Kit with EtherSIM or E314KIT features the same form factor as the rest of the Particle’s E SoM modules and comes with a full set of regulatory and industry certifications to dramatically accelerate time to market. The E314KIT is certified for use with the Taoglas Cellular PCB Antenna 2G/3G 2.4dBi antenna with an alternate antenna option of Particle Cellular Flex Antenna 2G/3G/LTE 4.7dBi.

Please note: Use of a different antenna with the above modules may violate regulatory certifications and require additional certification. Refer to our antenna documentation for additional information regarding regulatory compliance and certification of Particle modules.

E SoM Product Features

Particle’s E SoMs are a family of production-grade 2G, 3G, and LTE-enabled hardware that vastly reduces the cost and complexity of deploying cellular-connected IoT solutions at scale.

All E SoM modules include the following features:

  • Embedded SIM card, which resists vibration, corrosion, and mechanical failure  
  • Surface-mountable design, for PCB assembly in mass-production
  • Industrial temperature range from -40 to 85C for deployment in hostile environments
  • Pinout with support for 2G, 3G, LTE M1
  • Fully certified design virtually eliminating the cost and complexity of RF and carrier compliance
  • Built-in compatibility with Particle's development tools, messaging platform, and device management console

E SoM Evaluation Board Features

The E SoM Evaluation Kit contains a breakout board which provides easy access to all the pins and peripherals available on all E SoM module variants. The Evaluation Board includes:

  • Physical USB access for flashing and serial communications
  • Li-Po battery connector for connecting external batteries
  • Power barrel jack connector for external power
  • MODE and RESET buttons
  • Charge and status LEDs to appreciate device state at a glance
  • The 2G/3G E SoM Evaluation board contains a soldered E314 module, which supports worldwide 2G and 3G connectivity and can be configured into a 2G only mode.
  • Continent compatibility is simplified and exceptions exist. Please be sure to check the full list of compatible countries for the location in which your product will be deployed.

The LTE E SoM Evaluation board contains a soldered E402 module, which supports LTE M1 connectivity.


  • E314(2G/3G) module mounted on an evaluation board
  • Li-Po battery
  • Taoglas Penta-band Cellular Antenna (u.FL)
  • SMA to u.FL adapter for connecting external SMA antennas
  • Grove temperature sensor
  • USB Micro cable
  • Pinout reference card


  • STM32F205 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller
  • 1MB Flash, 128K RAM
  • Cellular modem: u-blox SARA U-series (3G Global with 2G fallback / LTE)
  • 36 pins total: 28 GPIOs (D0-D13, A0-A13), plus TX/RX, 2 GNDs, VIN, VBAT, WKP, 3V3, RST
  • Board dimensions: 36mm x 43mm 

Continent compatibility is simplified and exceptions exist. Please be sure to check the full list of compatible countries for the location in which your product will be deployed.

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