Adafruit Power Relay FeatherWing


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This is the Power Relay FeatherWing. It gives you power to control...well power. Turn on and off lamps, fans, solenoids, and other small appliances that run on up to 250VAC or DC power; can handle up to 1200 Watts. Works with all Feather boards including the new Particle Argon, Boron, and Xenon.

Each FeatherWing comes with a fully assembled and tested PCB header you can use to attach to your Feather. By soldering closed the jumper on the underside of the Wing, you can select which pin you want to use for the relay control. Some light soldering is required.

This Wing has a non-latching type relay. You can switch up to 10A of resistive-load current at 120VAC, 5A at 240VAC, and with inductive loads, about half that. Please note: If using with high voltages (> 24V) use care and common sense. High voltages require experience, and are only for use by engineers who are comfortable with guidelines and know how to use them safely.

See the full specs at Adafruit.

  • Product Dimensions: 51.0mm x 23.0mm x 20.2mm / 2.0" x 0.9" x 0.8"
  • Product Weight: 16.8g / 0.6oz

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